Sarah Hallas - Mudroom Backpacks Brand Ambassador, Sonoma county speedster and distance runner.

Sarah Hallas - Mudroom Ambassador

by David Deioma October 11, 2017

Mudroom® Backpacks LLC is pleased to announce its very first Brand Ambassador relationship with Sonoma county speedster, distance runner, Mom, soon-to-be-wife and Super Lady - Sarah Hallas.

Ms. Hallas, 36, is the glowing mother of a 1-yr old and a soon-to-be-married wife. She is also a marathoner, half-marathoner and overall speedster on the local, regional and national running scene. Special races to Ms. Hallas include a 2015 Governor’s Cup victory, at the Montana Marathon, finishing in 2:57:15. The finish was one year after having her son. Ms. Hallas recently also finished the St. Louis Marathon in 2:54:45, for a second place in the women’s division.

Sarah started running after having been released from her high school soccer team for being "too small." Like Stephen Curry, she channeled her energy and used it as motivation. She tried out for cross-country and was the top runner at her high school for the next four years. A scholarship was offered from Chico State (D-II) for competing in cross-country and track where the team dethroned UC Davis (after four years as the top seeded team in California) to win in the California Collegiate Athletic Association Championship (CCAA) in 2002. Chico State finished nationally ranked 5th in NCAA Division II in 2002 at the finals in Ashland, OH. Ms. Hallas was a key member of that team and in those finals (see link below).

Sarah Hallas, Sonoma county distance runner and Mudroom Backpacks first brand ambassador.

Sarah has competed nationwide in countless half marathons, 26 full marathons, three Half-Ironman triathlons (70.3 miles) and one Full-Ironman triathlon (140.6 miles) as of May 2016. She is a supporter of local events; often seen on the Sonoma county running circuit. Sarah practices around 80 miles per week and is a spirited competitor. In the Clo-Cow Half Marathon in 2011, she was seen running all the way home with the runner’s high still in full effect. Sarah is also sponsored by ThirtyBirds and Gatorade.  Sarah is also a really nice person.

With her tireless work-ethic and on-the-go life-style, Sarah represents the Mudroom Backpack brand well. Mudroom backpacks make transitions and travel simple with its Quartible 18L/20L backpacks with innovative, patent-pending multi-access footwear compartments. Sarah is able to carry her race-day shoes in her pack while she travels to different events around the county. If you see her, ask her about the pack and she will share how it makes traveling to events easy and efficient.

Welcome Sarah! Mudroom is so excited for you to be its first Brand Ambassador.

When not training, Ms. Hallas works full time for Wells Fargo Advisors.

Photo credit: Mark D. Robertson, Montana Tribune - 2015

Release date: May 14, 2016 - Mudroom Backpacks LLC

David Deioma
David Deioma


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