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Mudroom – Freedom To Change

Many Midwest homes have “mud rooms” where shoes and gear are stored before going into the home.  That inspired us to design a versatile, patent protected (US Patent #10,080,411) backpack that is called the Mudroom Quartable.   

We know that when you commute to work, travel to attend destination races or events, or head out to the gym, you probably need to carry an extra pair of shoes.  You may be carrying your race shoes or your fitness shoes or your work shoes, but no matter what, you need a place to put them so you can carry them along with the rest of your gear.

Mudroom backpacks are constructed to let you carry your shoes in separate compartments away from the rest of your gear and devices.  No more dirt on your devices, no more smelly shoes next to your other gear, no more need to carry an extra bag just to keep your shoes from mixing it up with your stuff.  Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, Mudroom gives you a one-pack solution and the Freedom To Change your shoes anytime, anywhere you choose.

Mudroom / Easy / Simple / Clean / Choice / Durably Light / Comfort / Fit / Visible

  • Easy - Make life easier because it reduces the number of bags you need to carry
  • Simple - One pack solution for all of your gear
  • Clean - Separate shoe compartments keep your stuff clean and more hygienic
  • Choice - Multiple access points inside and out for shoes and laptop
  • Durably Light – Lightweight rip stop fabric
  • Comfort – Soft articulated shoulder straps and biomechanical back panel with air flow channels
  • Fit - Easily fits under airline seats / No baggage costs
  • Visible - High visibility reflective carry loops
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David Deioma - founder/owner