The Quartables are the maiden product models for Mudroom® Backpacks. 

The "Quartable" name is blend of cartable (able to be carried) and fours pieces (dividable).  The pack is roughly divided into four parts; footwear pockets, interior storage, floating electronic sleeves and front storage - fours = quart.  The name is descriptive of the product - a portable quart - a Quartable.
Urban outdoor adventure is the inspiration of the backpack.  As much as many professionals would like to be outdoors, the reality of life is that many jobs are in urban locations.  With the back drop of active professionals living in both urban and outdoor worlds, the Quartable Collection attempts to bridge those worlds with the practicality of a commuter backpack with the flexibility for outdoor adventures to smooth those transitions for what's next.  Put one shoe in each footwear pocket or couple two shoes into one pocket and put a change of clothes in the other.  One backpack: many worlds.  Be ready for what's next.

Urban essentials include laptops, tablets, personal storage and of course and extra pair of shoes for the ride or the walk to work, the work-out during work or the time after work.  The Quartables are commuter-, travel- and day hike-friendly.  More product information and technical specifications are available on the product pages.

Special thanks to the assistance of many hard working and inspirational people.